What is Fengshui Unit Selection?


Making Your Fengshui Unit Selection A Breeze

We understand that deciding which unit to select is a long process, and that your unit will be your home for a long time. Leave it to our experienced fengshui consultants by sending in the floorplans of your shortlisted units. We will help to make your unit selection stress-free with no regrets in life.

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Benefits of Selecting Your Fengshui Unit

Create a Harmonious Home

Improve Mood and Energy

Attract Opportunities and Benefactors

How Does Fengshui Unit

Our masters will evaluate your units based on a four-point method:

Step 1

Luck cycle

Step 2


Step 3

Bazi Suitability

Step 4

missing sector

This method has been both audited and approved by a certified Fengshui master from Way Fengshui Group.


Why Us?


Over 97% Happy Couples and Counting

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Fengshui Unit Selection Packages

1 Floor Plan

$ 88

3 Floor Plans

$ 238

5 Floor Plans

$ 388

*subject to GST

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Make Your Fengshui Unit Selection A Breeze Today!

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